After leaving our computer engineering positions we inaugurated Les Toits du Monde (Roofs of the World) with a first treehouse in July 2012. Then a cottage-tipi, a traditional yurt of Mongolia and a ” Hobbit ” House. Others will follow to develop our tourism offer and to hire local staff.


The uniqueness and originality of our accommodations arouse wonder among young and old alike. Built by us with a focus on local, renewable and ecological materials, they breathe health and reflect the love we put in them. For example, the Hobbit house stands out for its green roof, its insulation in straw with a thermal resistance R30 exceeding the requirements of the RBQ. A natural coating covers the walls. Its round wood frame, furniture, windows, etc. were made with love and passion with our forest wood managed responsibly and sustainably. A solar panel powers the LEDs and composting toilets have been integrated.

We also work with local partners to offer outdoor activities and have developed a wildlife interpretation trail.


Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to escape the stress of everyday life while raising awareness of the respect and beauty of nature. Make them live an unforgettable experience and sprout some seeds of eco-friendly construction or behavioral ideas.