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Welcome to Les Toits du Monde !!!!

To reach your accommodation, continue the trail at the left of the reception and follow the signs for your accommodation. On the reception gallery, you will find a black bag in a rack placed under a white panel on which your name will be written. The black bag contains what it takes to sort and bring back your waste. So a white bag for regular waste, 2 brown bags for compost, and the black bag to bring recycling, cans, styrofoam, etc. that you can dispose of in the various bins near the reception. You can refer to the waste sorting management sheet in case of doubt about sorting.

Please return the black bag in this same rack when you leave, after emptying of its waste.

A trolley will also be available to the left of the reception next to the garbage shelter. The carts are limited to one per accommodation, if you want to take more than one, you must bring it back to reception as soon as possible so as not to penalize other visitors.

For campfires, you will have at your disposal next to your accommodation 4  racks full of wood. Each rack is worth $ 5. At the end of your stay, we will load the number of racks you have used on your credit card.

Once on the site, if you have any questions, you can reach us at the phone number indicated on the reception door.

Use your cell phone to call in order to limit the risk of infection.

A phone will still be available to you. If the line is bad, approach the parking lot to make a phone call.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!