3 gift ideas for couples who love the outdoors in the Laurentians in Quebec

Are you looking for gift ideas for a couple or for your lover for Christmas? But you don’t know what to give?

cozy moment in the tree house in front of a fire placeAsk yourself, what do we need most right now? Time! But quality time.

We spend our days rushing between work, home, activities, but do we really take the time?

Here we offer you our top 3 gifts for the holiday season, to offer, or to treat yourself, for well-deserved time of rest and relaxation, gifts that will not collect dust on a shelf, but which will fill your head with beautiful memories!

So for all outdoor lovers, here are the 3 perfect gifts for couples selected by our team:

1: An unusual stay at ”les Toits du Monde”

Offering the unusual, in the heart of the Laurentian forest.

A large playground, several paths for walking, houses all different and spaced apart from others for more privacy.panoramic view of the enchanted chalet, in the wild nature of the high Laurentians

Several choices are offered, including two tree houses, a Hobbit house, or a Tipi, and more… every personality will be charmed.

After spending the day playing outside, the comforting fires of a wood stove will warm the home so you can enjoy and snuggle up together with a hot drink while watching the flames.

The team’s favorite: the Hobbit house, which, thanks to its straw insulation, remains warm and cozy for the long winter nights, so you can sleep soundly.


2: A thermal experience at ”les Bains du Lac Marie-Louise”

Offer relaxation time, in an exclusively reserved site without anyone else for a block of 2.5 hours.spa on the edge of a frozen lake at sunset, under the snow which reflects the light

Complete route, from the Sauna to the lake, then from the Hammam to the shower, taking poses by the fire, while finishing the relaxation in a spa, with a view of the Lake.

This gift idea totally invites you to disconnect and relax, located in the heart of nature, with only birds as the background sound.

Team favorite: winter, with the hole in the ice, quite an invigorating experience!

3: An outdoor activity at ”Montagne du Diable regional park”

Offer the adventure of a day of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in a superb setting, 

view from the top of a mountain with snow-covered fir trees and sunlight

with the possibility of covering many kilometers without meeting anyone, observing the snow falling almost horizontally, 

covering each fir tree and above all, enjoying the calm and beauty of the second highest mountain in the Laurentians.

Have fun outside, surpass yourself, push your body physically, to have the greatest mental relaxation while enjoying the calm of the forest. The team’s favorite: the refuge “la paroi de l’aube” with its superb view.

And you? what would be your favorite gift ideas?