Forest Survival – Introduction in the Hautes-Laurentides

guide shows how to start a fire

Do you want to push your limits and discover a survival experience that will take you out of your comfort zone?

Are you looking for an activity that is both fun and educational?

Do not look any further!

Whether as a couple, with family or friends, this survival activity will allow you to have a good time, while discovering the secrets of the forest!

Go for a 2-hour activity with a passionate and qualified guide who offers you an initiation based on YOUR interests.

the guide shows a couple footprints in the snow
identification of animal tracks

Done in an immersive way, you will not stay to listen to your guide speak, you will participate and work for your survival in the heart of the upper Laurentides forest.

How is it going?

Whether you are a customer of Les Toits du monde, in one of the unusual accommodations, or passing through the region, you can participate and book your activity.

You will discover the various kinds of plants which will be useful for you to identify, as well as to use, whether for their medical or taste properties, or their effectiveness for lighting a fire, or even their waterproofing property for build a shelter.

But it’s not just the theory

Once you know how to recognize all the useful elements, you will roll up your sleeves, and go find, in the woods, what you will need to build your survival shelter, and make a fire.

This activity will allow you to work collaboratively, and discover the potential of each person in the event of an emergency situation, and, believe our experience, it can be really very hilarious, a lot of fun at the same time!

Have you already installed hare snares? If this is

a group of children settles into their survival shelter
building a group survival shelter

something you want to experience, now is the

perfect time!

But still ?

Your guide will also show you what to bring in your bag, the basics to know before going into the woods, how to prepare, what to do and what not to do, as well as some useful resources to prepare well such as:


  • a book that we often use, because it is the summary of many years of work and passion, it contains all the keys to eating in the forest, as well as superb recipes, the Forêt book, offered by Gourmet Sauvage
  • or a very informative article to prepare, written by Espaces Magazine

To book your experience it’s very simple, just call us (873-659-2121) or send an email to

Are you ready to try the adventure??